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What is a Will or Last Will and testament?


A last Will and testament is the legal document that sets out family members, individuals and or charities who are to receive your property, assets and possessions once you pass away. These are usually referred to as the beneficiaries of your Last will and Testament. Furthermore, in the provision of your Will you can nominate executors to be responsible for the distribution of your property to the intended beneficiaries.


None of us like paperwork


Many people think that making a Will is time consuming, complicated and expensive. This probably why many people put it off for another day.


We make it Easier  – We come and do it for you!


To make things easier we will come to you at home and guide you through the process. Therefore, making it less stressful.

Our Will writing service starts from £168 for a Single Will including plain English commentary, Letters of Wishes, the Attestation (second visit to oversee the the signing and witnessing of the will) and VAT. While fixed fee Mirror Wills are £242 including thermally bound Wills, plain English commentary, Letters of Wishes, Attestation and VAT.



What happens if I die without writing my Will?


Many people are unaware of what happens if you die without writing a Will. It is called intestate and rules of intestacy will apply. This means that your estate will be divided up according to the law and only certain people will inherit under these rules.

The rules of Intestacy will apply if you don't have a valid will

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Why should I plan for my funeral now?


Funerals costs have risen by 81% over the last 10 years to an average cost of £3,700 today rising far above the level of inflation. This is a trend that is likely to continue due to the lack of suitably priced land for cemeteries and need for local authorities to invest in their crematoria facilities.


A good way to stop funeral costs rising is to take out a pre-paid funeral plan.

There are many advantages in taking out a pre-paid funeral plan. The main advantage is you can select, pay and plan the funeral you want. Not what other people think you want.


>> View and compare funeral plans <<

Compare funeral plans and prices from top UK providers

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Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document. It allows you to appoint someone that you trust as an “Attorney” to make decisions on your behalf, when you no longer wish to or when you lack the mental capacity to do so. A Lasting Power of Attorney can help you plan how your health, well being and financial affairs will be looked after.


Why you need them in place


Your bank accounts can be frozen if you lose mental capacity. Without a LPA it can take months to get the same powers from the Court of Protection, which can also be costly.

The decisions you want to be made, will be made on your behalf by the people you want to make them.

Your Attorney(s) must follow the Code of Practice of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and act in your best interests.


There are two types of power of attorney:

  • Health and Welfare
  • Property & Financial Affairs

Who would you want to make decisions for you, when you no longer can

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